Templates to Defend Homeless Encampments

Templates allow homeless encampments to resist displacement

Templates to Defend Homeless Encampments

Evictions of Homeless Encampments in Oakland have escalated during the holidays. If you or someone you know is living in a homeless encampment threatened with eviction then here are blank documents you can file with the courts.

Below are links to blank templates that can be used to fight an eviction of a homeless encampment in federal court:

  1. Civil Rights Complaint
  2. Motion for Preliminary Injunction
  3. Motion for Temporary Restraining Order
  4. Fee Waiver Form
  5. Motion for E-Filing
  6. Blank Declaration
  7. Summons and Proof of Service

For more information on how homeless people can represent themselves in court go to the website for the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California here: https://www.cand.uscourts.gov/pro-se

If you are homeless and are being threatened with eviction from an encampment, vehicle, or other area where you are sheltering yourself on public land in Northern California then feel free to contact the Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute at mcli1965 [at] gmail [dot] com. We cannot provide legal representation, but we can try to help find attorneys and connect you with other homeless people and allies organizing community self defense.

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