MCLI Fall Fundraising Drive for 2018

Support MCLI's Human Rights Education and Advocacy

MCLI Fall Fundraising Drive for 2018

For the Winter Fundraising Drive of 2018/2019 go here.

The Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute has been hard at work fighting human rights violations during the Trump administration. We need your support to continue and expand this work.
The following are just some of the projects that need your support:
  • Workshops: MCLI educates the public about human rights and the mechanisms we can use to defend our human rights. For example, MCLI is co-sponsoring the workshop called Human Rights of Children, Parents, and Families at the National Lawyers Guild Convention at 1pm on November 4, 2018 at the Benson Hotel in Portland, OR. This panel will be awesome! For more information and to attend go here:
  • Human Rights Mobilizations: MCLI works directly alongside community members facing systemic oppression to mobilize to end human rights violations. For example, MCLI is coordinating a Campaign for the Human Rights of Landless People where we co-founded the Bay Area Landless Peoples Alliance. We are also developing a Know Your Rights Handbook for Landless People with the goal of organizing Know Your Rights Trainings.
  • Human Rights Reporting and Monitoring: MCLI works with communities directly experiencing human rights violations to facilitate community based reports to human rights monitoring bodies. Recently, MCLI submitted a Shadow Report to the U.N. Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD). (See: After CERD’s staff failed to respond to the Report MCLI contacted the committee members individually to ensure that the Trump administration is held accountable for their racist policies and rhetoric. Further, MCLI has begun to mobilize for the report to the Committee Against Torture (CAT). The U.S. report to CAT is due in November.
  • Law Office Study Program: MCLI facilitates the study of law through the Law Office Study Program, a tuition free alternative to law school. MCLI is working with the NextGen committee of the National Lawyers Guild San Francisco Chapter (NextGen) and coordinating the efforts of MCLI, NextGen, and the Association of Legal Apprentices to facilitate the study of law by poor people and people of color who are unable to attend traditional law school.
  • There are numerous other programs in development. However, we need to build greater capacity through fundraising as well as outreach to volunteers and interns before we can effectively expand our advocacy.

MCLI needs your support. We are beginning MCLI’s Fall Fundraising Drive. Our goal is to raise $5,000.

Consider sponsoring at the following levels:

$10 per month or $120.
This covers our office printing costs for three months.

$20 per month or $240.
This covers the cost of printing a pamphlet or handbook such as MCLI’s Know Your Rights Handbook for Landless People

$50 per month or $600.
This covers MCLI’s costs for leading a remote workshop such as the Human Rights of Children, Parents, and Families at the upcoming National Lawyers Guild Convention in Portland, Oregon.

$100 per month or $1,200.
This covers the cost of making a presentation before an international human rights monitoring body.

Help us reach our Fall fundraising goals. DONATE NOW!

click here (
(to make a recurring donation call MCLI at 510-848-0599)

If you wish to use a check to make a donation, please mail it to:

Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute
PO Box 673, Berkeley, CA, U.S.A., 94701-0673

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