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ACR 129

ACR 129

With the passage of California’s Assembly Concurrent Resolution 129 at the end of 2010, MCLI is working with the Attorney General’s Office and State Senate candidate Bill Monning to urge the Attorney General’s Office to follow the provisions of the resolution.  

Assembly Member Monning introduced the resolution making California the first state to request the Attorney General to publicize the text of three treaties ratified by the United States: The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), CERD, and CAT.  The resolution also requests the Attorney General to create reporting templates for gathering information on California’s successes and failures in implementing the treaties.

To facilitate the implementation of ACR 129, MCLI prepared a poster, based on labor law posters, which lists the text of the three ratified treaties.  MCLI made the poster available to the state government without charge and is working to get the poster hung in every government office and place of employment.

In an effort to further ease the burden on the state, MCLI Human Rights Interns continue to develop templates for use by state government agencies in assessing California’s implementation of the treaties.  We are meeting with the Attorney General’s Office to negotiate and edit the contents of the templates.

The U.S. Human Rights Network invited MCLI President Buford to make a presentation at its 2011 Annual Membership Conference on how activists from other cities and states can bring similar ground breaking legislation to their own communities.

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